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Badtameez Dil 15th September 2015 Written Update

The episode begins with, mehar comes wearing red dress, abeer walks to her, mehar steps back n says abeer remember u promised, abeer goes behind her n blows her hair n pulls her near him,taiji knocks the door n asks mehar to open the door, mehar rushes inside blanket,taiji opens the door,and asks abeer when did u come,i thought mehar was alone so i opened the door sorry, mehar get ready n come down soon and taiji leaves,abeer says chill out,mehar claims see abeer i instructed u now what will taiji Consider abt me,mehar modifications n goes down stairs, taiji says mehar don’t choose me Mistaken, I’m sure its challenging to do and if u cant inform me,its high-quality, mehar claims no taiji I’ll do as u say, taiji states i observed abeer in close proximity to u, and when u like abeer then where is sacrifice for that love why aren’t u subsequent what i say, i am carrying out all this for u n abeer, u don’t believe but i have confidence in this and i am terrified for abeer, mehar claims taiji have faith in me very little took place in between me n abeer,taiji suggests abeer is my son and i cant see everything happening to him, mehar claims taiji trust me i will retain length from abeer, taiji claims for me plz stay with me for seven times, mehar claims taji why are u using issues, taiji suggests That is for u n abeer and atlast its ur final decision, mehar states Okay taiji for upcoming 7 times i will stay with u, taiji states superior go get ur matters from abeers place, mehar leaves n taiji claims thank god he created me access u at proper time and now see what i will do currently and when u will cry in agony which will give me peace.



taiji in pooja space purposely drops diya n shouts oh god what all is this taking place why these terrible indications, What exactly are u endeavoring to say god, mehar is available in n suggests taji i will clean it and goes to obtain broom, taiji picks a broken glass piece, mehar enters n cleans every one of the glass pieces and lights the diya once again,taiji states great mehar, abeer was so right abt u , u are so sweet, mehar leaves.


Mehar stumbles with abeer, mehar says abeer what are u doing here, abeer says mehar see we have to dash again or else either i will have horns or we will fight, mehar says abeer i will break ur head plz stay away just 7 days, abeer says 7 days how will i and walks to mehar, mehar closes her eyes n says plzz, abeer hugs mehars apron, mehar opens her eyes n laughs n says u are mad, abeer says ok i will go, mehar says sorry,abeer leaves,mehar starts smiling looking at abeer, abeer blows a flying kiss n leaves.



Taiji calls abeer to just take Prasad, abeer claims taiji u know i dont have confidence in All of this, taiji states for me,abeer states ok, taiji suggests initially go eliminate ur sneakers, taiji places the damaged glass piece in abeers way,abeer measures within the glass piece, taiji commences shouting oh god what all Is that this, i explained to mehar to clean adequately n see she remaining this n u acquired damage,abeer says rest taiji its just a glass piece, mehar is available in, taiji says mehar step absent see i instructed u to wash thoroughly but u didn’t hear why don’t u hear mehar, abeer claims why are u shouting her taiji, mehar suggests its my blunder I’m sorry abeer, taiji claims i cant see my little one under-going ache and what’s this adore troubling my son, abeer states taiji plz end this, it had been just an accident, taiji suggests yes why will u believe me i is not going to interfere in ur make a difference anymore, mehar suggests taiji plz don’t experience undesirable he didn’t imply to hurt u, i am sorry, taiji states let me place u an ointment, and mehar see these are typically indications and so keep away from my child, mehar suggests taiji as u say and leaves sensation negative.


Mehar n abeer movie chatting, abeer states severely mehar how du feel All of this, mehar states abeer, see taiji thinks in all this n for her Now we have To do that and if i don’t hear all this she is going to sense like i am attempting to take u faraway from her and i don’t want All of this, abeer claims wow what considering , i suggest ur accomplishing this for me thanku, u shd obtain a mdeal for this but something how abt a ghungat, mehar says ok we cant meet eachother n now u don’t wish to see me n mehar puts dupatta on her deal with, abeer begins laughing n states oh take out it, mehar claims no i wont , abeer claims plz.



Precap: abeer sings awargi song for mehar and mehar removes her duppata from her face.

Written Update By Sahir


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