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Badtameez Dil 11th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode commences with, mehar thinks of abeer to persuade nisar, and phone calls him. Following day mehar reaches Place of work, jawahar doesn’t enable couple fellas for audition, mehar ignores the scene and goes to recording area, sani suggests see my new expertise he is very good and he is much better than abeer look there palash, sani says palash begin ur singing, palash sings a song, abeer joins him and sings in addition to him and can make Everybody understand that palash has robbed the songs from old music, abeer says this track is from Motion picture train and music by R D Burman, u require to have originality, u shd review them and not rob their master piece, abeer calls nisar while in the recording area, nisar enters, and abeer states folks have questioned ur expertise its time respond to them and exhibit ur expertise and make sure its rocking, sani starts off yelling at palash and asks him to acquire out, abeer seems to be at mehar and smiles, jawahar pushes palash out from the Business.

Nisar begins his song, rati hides and listens towards the song, nisar sings very properly with full feelings , abeer goes to sani and asks him to discover nisar sing to the screen, nisar sings music yadein teri, rati blushes looking at nisar sing, Absolutely everyone in office enjoy nisar sing, Everybody applaud when nisar finishes his music, Wonderful asks All people to go back to function, abeer states sani sir by no means beneath estimate any one, sani says ya ya and leaves.

Nisar introduces himself on his new nine pm slot and claims I’ll try out extremely challenging to plz u and so This really is me nisar and u will listen to me now onward s at this slot. Rati states nisar he sings very well, nisar says thanku rati, rati states u shd sing appreciate tunes u is going to be superior, nisar states Okay confident, rati states u sing pretty well even better then abeer sir, nisar gives her flower and says thanku rati and leaves, rati is very content.

Abeer goes to mehars Business office, and appears at her and smile, and states its so sizzling here, and goes in the vicinity of mehar, mehar says what u want, abeer claims communicate like yesterday plz,I just couldn’t manage the sweetness plz, mehar states these habbits make u really nonsense and it was Qualified instead of private, didn’t u see sani sirs choicee and so for business Advantages I took ur assistance, did u want somebody like palash to sing on ur slot, abeer claims ya ya This is often for company I know, but plz chat sweet for enterprise sake plz, mehar suggests plz abeer assist me for business sake and convince nisar, abeer states mehar these don’t have any thoughts cmon, mehar states disappear abeer, abeer states now we’re equal, mehar asks what, abeer claims u helped me in Elton sir case And that i served u in nisar scenario so favor equivalent and if sani had decided on anyone like that palash it was u who’d be at decline 1st so it means I assisted u and so we are back on track mam,rati arrives and says nishi mam has termed everyone in convention home for celebrations.

Mehar congratulates nisar, All people at Business office celebrate nisar as their new singer and receives cake for nisar, nisar waits till abeer comes and when abeer enters he smiles at nisar, nisar cuts the cake, nisar offers first piece to abeer, abeer hugs him, nisar states many thanks bro, nisar offers sani cake, sani states congratulations nisar, nisar provides mehar cake, abeer appears to be like at mehar and offers wicked smile, nisar offers Every person cake other than rati, rati signs mehar, mehar offers nisar a coronary heart along with his identify and stars and suggests nisar an exceedingly major lover of urs gave u this , nisar says wow who , mehar says find by ur individual.

Sani states sorry to nisar and abeer, abeer suggests sir mehar mam taught me firm very first then issues, correct.

Precap: college days, abeer decides to give mehar alcohol mixed in cold drink.

Written Update By Sahir


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