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Badi Devrani 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode starts Reeti performing some tricks in front of family and saying she did not perform black magic, but it is just a trick. She then asks Kajal to come and cut lemon. Bhairavi signals Kajal not to go. Reeti insists. Kajal cuts lemon and sees it red. She gets nervous and stands next to Bhairavi. Bilasi shouts why is she insulting his bahu in front of whole family. Reeti says she is not insulting her and is just demonstrating science and explains how she did it. Kaushalya asks what about fire on daadi’s hand. She says she smeared potassium chloride kerchief on Daadi’s palm and palm catched fire with her blow’s moisture. She continues telling how tricksters use chemicals and create fire from hydrogen peroxide. She says magicians try to frighten people with tricks and say it is siddhi.

Bilasi asks what she desires to confirm Using these methods. Vibhor states she would like to prove that siddhi was completed by rishi munis for good thing about humanity and never trick folks. Daadi asks what about sadhus walking on fire. Reeti says they immerse their toes in ethyl Liquor which makes a layer between feet and burning coal and guards feet.

Reeti then tells how maginicians build fumes and methods men and women of dissapper people and demonstrates it. Bhairavi thinks she’s going to do her black magic and vanish her permanently. Reeti disappers. Loved ones gets nervous for her and talk to Vibhor exactly where is she. He claims he is aware of exactly where she is. Prabha asks to tell quickly exactly where she is. He states she is where by she should be and takes all of them to his room. Everyone get happy seeing her in a improved sari with luggage. Reeti says she wanted to show them there’s no magic in earth and it is just trick. She arrived to this home as This is certainly her world now. Prabha says she’s happy that Vibhor and Reeti forgot their distinctions and may keep alongside one another. Vibhor states he likes Reeti as their thoughts match. Bhairavi fumes looking at her designs failing.

Vibhor tells Reeti that he is pleased that she will stay in his home. She usually takes out her suitcase to arrange her outfits in cabinet. Vibhor says he arranged them presently and hopes she likes it. She states she trusts him and claims she are not able to feel He’s exact same Vibhor. He suggests life will not give next chance to All people and when he has obtained second prospect, he does not want to shed it. He wants their marriage to operate and asks if she may help him. She nods yes. They chuckle jointly after which you can take a look at each other’s eyes hold arms.

Precap: Bhairavi tells Bilasi if he doesn’t look for a way, he should break wall between. Vibhor tells Reeti that they can do every thing collectively from today rather than cover everything. She will get anxious wondering she needs to reveal top secret of his financial institution guarantor.

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