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Badi Devrani 6th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Vibhor asking Megha not to misbehave with his mother. Megha says she is also her mother. Reeti says when she has accepted Prabha as her mother, she should forgive her mistake and says Prabha did not fix her marriage, she just lied. Vibhor says even he was acting as getting angry and asks her to hug her mother. Megha hugs Prabha.

Bilasi sees Manbhari carrying lighter and asks what is she stealing from his home. She says it is lighter and she is borrowing it as her lighter is not working. He asks till when she will beg. Manbhari says they are both in same boat as the shop he is boasting of is Ghanshyam jijaji’s. Bilasi fumes.

Reeti tells Kalyani and dadi how Megha hugged Prabha and cried. Kalyani says with her effort, Prabha got both Vibhor and Megha. Reeti says credit goes to her effort instead. Kalyani says it is her effort and not hers and says until she is there, nobody can eye on family’s unity. Reeti says she will go and invite everyone for Vibhor’s shops ganpati pooja.

Bilasi laughs on himself in his room. Kaushalya asks what happened to him. He says he is laughing on himself as even people like Manbhari are taunting him. Reeti comes and asks if she can come in. Kalyani says yes. Bilasi asks why did she come. Reeti says Vibhor needs his blessings and says there is ganpati pooja at Vibhor’s office and he should come and bless him. Bilasi says she is verbally torturing her, drags her out of room and locks door. Kaushalya asks why did he kick out bahu. He says she is not his bahu and continues yelling. Reeti sadly leaves from there.

Reeti sadly prepares food in kitchen. Vibhor comes and says when she can help him in his business, he can help her in cooking. They continue talking. Vibhor then comes out of kitchen. Manbhari gives her carrot halwa. He eats and likes it. She asks about his ganpati pooja. He says he has invited everyone including Bilasi. She says Bilasi is very arrogant and will not come. He says Bilasi will. She says let us see.

Kalyani sees Reeti sad and asks if Bilasi scolded her. She claims no. Kalyani suggests she’s an attorney and will go through her lies and suggests she is aware of he would’ve vented his anger on her in his model. Reeti states no. Kalyani suggests she is aware.

Vibhor’s ganpati pooja at his shop with complete household and asks Kaushalya wherever is Tauji. She claims He’s on his way. He will get unfortunate. Pandit starts pooja. Bilasi in his area happily murmurs that he will never show up at pooja whoever invites him. Kalyani enters and asks him to acquire her necklace polished if he is going to shop. He takes necklace and says whoever phone calls him he will not attend pooja. She suggests nowadays Vibhor known as him for pooja and if he won’t attend shortly on a daily basis will appear when nobody will connect with him. Bilasi fumes.

Precap: Vibhor tells family members he received buy of five hundred jewellery parts to provide in per week. Bilasi asks if he recognized it. He claims Sure. Ghanshyam suggests he has to make 750 parts daily, so he can get workers. Bilasi thinks Vibhor won’t know to deal with employees and in many cases if he does, he will spoil Vibhor’s buy.

Written Update By Sahir


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