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Badi Devrani 4th November 2015 Written Update

Rohan calling Megha at midnight and troubling her with his cheap talks. She disconnects call. He thinks he will not spare her so easily.

Moksh while having food sees Reeti sitting silently and feeds her food. Reeti smiles. He then sees mud on floor and panics again. Sidhi calms him down and makes him sleep on bed. Reeti asks her why Moksh panics seeing mud and shouts his family betrayed him. Sidhi asks her to rest now, they will talk about it later. Reeti insists. Sidhi reminisces tying Rakhi to Moksh and he after taunting her a bit gifting her diamond jewelry set. She then shows same set to Reeti and says this is last gift by bhaiya. She further continues how Moksh meets with a car accident. Reeti asks who was behind it. Sidhi says she does not know.

In the morning, inspector comes home and tells Kadambari that they are shutting her husband’s murder case since it is 10-year-old without clue. Kadambari says she will go to commissioner and even CM to keep the investigations on and wants to know what happened to her husband that day. Reeti passes by and listens to their conversation.

Reeti enters place and sees Moksh drawing something on magazine. She asks him to indicate it. He suggests He’ll correct it and afterwards exhibit and draws sari on skirt product. Reeti asks what’s this. He dorn sari to this product like his gudiya. She asks where did he get this journal from. He suggests Rohan’s area. He then falls asleep. Kadambari enters and smiles looking at him sleeping. She tells she has every little thing but are not able to get her son’s happpiness. She then tells they gujrati’s celebrate diwalifor five times and she should really get ready Distinctive gujrati dishes in regular fashion.

Rohan enters and tells Kadambari that he is going on diwali searching with servants and implies they ought to phone bhabhi’s family for diwali celebrations. Kadambari states it’s a good idea, but Prabha will not come. Moksh enters and insists Reeti to return and also have breakfast with him. Kadambari states Reeti will appear afterwards. He insists. Kadambari taunts Reeti that she is taking care of Moksh so very well that he is denying his mom now.

Precap: Moksh touches Reeti’s cheeks and says he desires her to smile constantly.

Written Update By H Hasan


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