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Badi Devrani 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Vibhor insulting Reeti in front of Prabha and Bhairavi/kajal that she’s jealous of his good results and desires to demolish him. Prabha asks him to shut up and will take him from there. Reeti tells Bhairavi that she tried to frighten her, but she acquired far more powerful now. Vibhor can scold her, but will never let her down. If she would have made an effort to damage her, she would have held tranquil, but she made an effort to harm her partner, she will not likely keep peaceful and will get her and Kajal’s real truth out tonight.

Vibhor starts off feeling headache like in hangout due to Bhairavi’s black magic outcome. Bhairavi tells Kajal that she’s going to destroy Reeti and make it seem like incident.

When making ready meals, Reeti tells Prabha that Bhairavi was lying. Prabha states she is aware of and says she’s married considering the fact that 25 decades and is familiar with to evaluate folks. When she took blame on herself and guarded her, she understood that that time itself her character. Reeti smiles. Prabha then asks her to get ready dry chilli sabji for Vibhor and leaves.

Prabha goes to Vibhor’s home and asks if he is fine. He says he feels remaining pulled by anyone. She claims his anger has elevated given that some times and asks why did he scold Reeti only for a small situation. He gets indignant and says he would kicked her from residence as she is our enemy. She gets worried looking at his improved tone. She sees prasad laddoo and asks why didn’t he consume it. He claims he didn’t like it. She forcefeeds him and he receives outside of Bhairavi’s black magic.

Reeti will come again to kitchen and sees uncut onion. She thinks Prabha gave her just 2 onions and keeps uncut onions back again. Bhairavi and Kajal peep from window and acquire angry that their prepare failed. Bhairavi murmurs her plan in Kajal’s ears. Kajal enters, drops Lower onions on floor and provides black magic onions to chop. Reeti cuts onions and will get hypnotized by black magic. Kajal goes again and asks Bhairavi what did she do. She claims she hypnotized Reeti and now she will never listen to cooker whistles, cooker will blast and she is going to die, it’ll glimpse as an accident. Kajal laughs hearing that.

Vibhors gets out of Bhairavi’s black magic following consuming prasad and calms down. Prabha asks why did he get so much offended on Reeti and advised He’ll kick her away from dwelling. He asks when did he declare that. Prabha asks what took place to her and asks him to go and apologize Reeti. he leaves in direction of kitchen.

Bhairavi counts 10, 9, etc., and wait for cooker blast when Vibhor sees cooker blasting and reeti working unconsciously and rescues her. Bhairavi and Kajal hide and gets angry seeing their plan failed.

Precap: Vibhor tells Reeti that he got afraid seeing there only 1 thread difference between life and death, so he wants to take a decision with her. She says she is ready.

Written Update By Sahir


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