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Badi Devrani 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with Vibhor telling Reeti and Manbhari that he needs contemporary designs for his imitation jewelry business so that women should love it. Reeti says they need rural theme designs. Manbhari says then they should see her village women’s jewelries, they wear best jewelry designs. Reeti and Vibhor at once says then they will go soon. Manbhari says they think same and it is god’s gift, like Kalyani said their is best jodi of this house. Bilasi’s face was looking like rotten mango hearing that. Bilasi hears his insult and thinks of teaching her a lesson. Megha comes and says she wants to join Vibor as she likes designing jewelry. Manbhari says she cannot leave her studies. Reeti says let her work, it will fun working together.

Kalyani tells Daadi that she feels something wrong will happen, Bilasi will create a big drama. Whole family gathers for lunch. Kajal praises Kalyani for her yesterday’s lesson. Bilasi brings 3 beggars and says poddar family likes keeping strangers at home, so he made beggars as his brothers and brought them here. He asks beggars to have food. He starts hogging food like a pig. Bilasi says Manbhari and her family are staying here like it is their father’s house. Manbhari says enough of his nonsense, she stays in her sister and brother-in-law’s house and will go from here if they say. Prabha says him she respects him, that does not mean he can do his nonsense all the time. Kalyani asks them to keep quiet and tells beggars she will give them a room to stay and takes them to Bilasi’s room. Bilasi runs in and tries to kick out beggars, but beggars kick him out instead. Once kalyani leaves, he drags them out. They says just like he gave them money to come here, they need money to go. He asks how much. They says he gave 1000 rs for coming and should give 3000 rs to go. He removes his shoes and they run.

Manbhari comes to Vibhor’s room and says she wants to leave this house and wants him also to accompany. Prabha comes and asks her not to take any rash decision. Manbhari says she is tired of Bilasi’s taunts and asks Vibhor to take a decision if he wants to stay with which mother. Kalyani enters and says nobody will go from here and tells Manbhari that once she gave Vibhor to Prabha, he is Prabha’s son and she bought him up and gave him Poddar family’s sanskar and she should stop overreacting for silly issues.

Bilasi sees vibhor’s include for an assistant by using a income provide of 20,000 rs. His servant comes and states He’s resigning from job as he acquired an improved career by Vibhor. He begins yelling at him. Ghanshyam will come and asks what happened. He states Vibhor is tricking workers with significant income. Ghanshyam suggests any individual want higher wage. Entire spouse and children gathers. Bilasi starts his usual drama. Reeti asks him to prevent badmouthing Vibhor. Kajal backs Bilasi and asks her never to confront papaji. Bilasi following further more drama tells vibhor he is working with Poddar loved ones for his business enterprise and will do his enterprise without having Poddar household’s name.

Precap: Megha fights with Prabha and asks why is she repairing her marriage with no her consent. Prabha states she didn’t. Bilasi states Kajal he will take away ground beneath Reeti’s feet.

Written Update By Sahir