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Badi Devrani 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Vibhor calls Aanchal..But Aanchal change from the cell phone…Kajal tells Bilashi..Bilashi tells Reeti didnt scared of any one..Bilashi check with did Manbhari despatched Reeti???Kajal tells yes..Bilashi tells He’ll later on begin to see the illness Manbhari..Reeti fix’s the cellphone and will come..Aanchal tells that phone is on the lookout totally new..Reeti smiles…Aanchal tells Reeti not to mention any one that she that it cost 9 thousand for Restoring…

Daadiji tells Bilashi that each one ritual income is of them..Prabha tells Bilashi is thinking Improper..Prabha tells that 1st Reeti would have taken their advice..Bilashi tells right now Reeti invested hundred of rupees tommorrow lakhs..Bilashi tells this Significantly revenue Reeti is wasting..Prabha tells Vibhor to clarify Reeti..Bilashi tells to understand from him,,How kaushalaya is beneath of his Manage..Bilashi tels that initial Vibhor squandered a lot of funds in Goa excursion,,Second dropped the cycle and now on phone……Reeti and Aanchal comes…Reeti sees Anyone angrily..Vibhor is pink with anger..Reeti offers Vibhor mobile phone..Absolutely everyone sees Reeti..Reeti tells if she did miscalculation to forgive her..Reeti tells she just desired to give shock to Vibhor..Vibhor shouts and tells enough..Bilashi laughs..Vibhor tell he termed currently to Aanchal..Vibhor tells he desired to say Reeti that his cellular phone is Insured..Vibhor asks The amount of dollars ??Reeti tells 9-thousand..Reeti tells that Vibhor would have refused..Prabha asks from wherever funds came??Reeti tells “MOU-DIKHAYI”,,Bilashi tells very first only he reported..Bilashi question how much dollars they used??Bilashi tells Kaushalaya to provide The cash from Vibhor’s place..Daadiji tells no way as its Reeti’s revenue..Bilashi tells he isn’t taking The cash just he is counting..Kaushalaya tells let it be..Bilashi says no…Bilashi tells lakh rupees was there where by Reeti invested thirty thousand???Prabha asks exactly where Reeti invested the money..Reeti is peaceful…Manbhari tells Bilashi could counted Erroneous,,Bilashi tells Indeed If Manbhari desired to depend she will be able to.. Reeti tells she invested but she didnt bear in mind…Bilashi tells both of those Vibhor and Reeti to squander the money,,Vibhor tells that he invested the thirty thousand of cash..

Precap::Vibhor shouts at Reeti..

Written Update By Sahir

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