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Badi Devrani 23rd September 2015 Written Update

The episode begins with Vibhor telling Reeti he is very disturbed mentally now and desires to go and slumber exterior. He usually takes pillow and goes and sleeps on couch. Reeti will come outside of area and Unfortunately hopes to solve his issues.

In the morning, dadaji phone calls his law firm and introduces him to his relatives and states he known as him to generate his will. Bilasi suggests it is an effective determination, but he shouldn’t give his house to strangers and says considering that Ghanshyam does not have son, house must head over to his sons. Dadaji states it truly is his house and Vibhor was his grandson and may be generally. Bilasi says if he presents his property to an outsider, he might be insulted by society. Prabha states Vibhor is his son and will almost always be. Bilasi says she may be the main reason for all these problems and will continue to keep her mouth shut. Reeti requests him to reminisce the adore he gave Vibhor considering the fact that childhood instead of disown him. Bilasi claims she is additionally a stranger and cannot talk to him. Vibhor asks Reeti to not misbehave with his tauji and his tauji can even hit him. Bilasi asks them to stop their drama. They each wander out from there Regrettably. Dadaji claims

Megha sees Reeti crying and begins consoling her. She claims bhai is inside a deep shock serious about his id and in this tricky condition, she should be his spine and assist him. She continues consoling her and Reeti smiles ultimately.

Kajal calls Bhairavi and speaks in Bengali. Bhairavi says she is poddar spouse and children’s marwari bahu and should not discuss in bengali. Kajal suggests there is a lots of pressure in the home and it seems like Reeti and Vibhor will likely be kicked out shortly. They both giggle like an evil.

Reeti enters Vibhor’s area. Vibhor states he doe snot want to talk to her. She states she can’t see him in ache. Bilasi enters and acts as apologizing him and consoling him. He then offers him one lakh cheque and suggests it can be more than enough for Swaroopchand’s son and asks him to acquire it and stroll out from this dwelling. Vibhor is stunned to listen to that.

Precap: Ghanshyam tells Bilasi that Vibhor will constantly remain in this household. Bilasi states either Vibhor swaroopchand will stay below or Bilasi Poddar. Vibhor asks them never to struggle, he will head out from here forever.

Written Update By Sahir


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