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Badi Devrani 23rd October 2015 Written Update

Badi Devrani watch online

Moksh being given electric shock by doctor. Moksh falls unconscious. Rohan asks how will they get Moksh married now. Even Poddar family thinks he is being married to Reeti. Kadambari says marriage will happen and tells her plan.

Poddar family ladies with Reeti reach temple for marriage. Kadambari reaches with Rohan in a groom’s attire. Poddar ladies think he is groom. Kadambari reminisces how she convinced Rohan to act as groom. Daadi asks where are Paridhi and Sidhi. Kadambari says Sidhi has gone out of station and Paridhi is on the way. She then acts as getting Pardhi’s call and acts that Paridhi met with an accident, so he she has to rush. Rohan says even he needs to be at his sister’s side and they both walk down temple towards their car. Paridhi reaches with Mokhsh. Kadambari reminisces discussing her plan with Paridhi and rohan. Rohan leaves in a car. Kadambari asks Moksh to come out and get married to his doll. Subconscious Moksh comes out of car wearing sehra and sits in mantap. Daadi asks Paridhi if she is fine. Paridhi says she is fine.

Pandit commences relationship. Megha in a very taxi viewing Rohan going in his motor vehicle, but will not determine him. She reaches temple and watches relationship. Sidhi pleads in your house to open her room doorway, but nobody does. She someway opens door and reaches temple and is stunned to view Moksh now use sindhoor on Reeti’s forehead soon after relationship.

Precap: Reeti enters Moksh’s place with milk and tells she married him but are not able to give wife’s legal rights. He snatches milk and drinks it total dropping some on his entire body. Reeti confusingly appears to be at him.

Written Update By Sahir


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