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Badi Devrani 20th October 2015 Written Update

Badi Devrani watch online

Reeti telling Prabha that daadi’s operation was successful. Kadambari reaches Poddar family room and gives red bangles to Prabha. Prabha asks waht is this. Kadambari says this is gift for her Reeti bahu. Prabha says Reeti is her bahu. Kadambari says Reeti has agreed to marry her son to save daadi and poddar family. Prabha is shocked.

At Mehta house, Sidhi plays game with Moksh. She gets call and leaves asking servant to take care of Moksh for 2 min. Moksh gets out of home into garden silently. He with his manic style waters plant and asks them to shake like dog if they feels excess water. He then sees rose on ground, gets mud on his hand while picking it and gets panic attack. He drools in mud and shouts. Servant sees him panicking and informs Kadambari. Kadambari scolds Sidhi first and then goes to garden. Rohan holds Moksh and with Sidhi’s help bring him into home. Sidhi cleans his hand and says his hands are clean. Moksh continues panicking. Rohan scolds him and says he made their lives hell and then scolds Sidhi for not taking care of Moksh properly. He then asks servant to get out. She pleads. Kadambari asks servant to go inside and tells Rohan if she goes out, she will inform world about Moksh’s madness.

Daadi wakes up immediately after operation. Manbhari tells Prabha and Kaushalya how can Reeti acknowledge Kadambari’s conditions. Prabha suggests she is sacrificing herself for us. Reeti comes and asks daadi how is she now. Prabha suggests Kadambari experienced have sweet and bangles to celebrate her achievement and claims she’s her bahu and should know that revenue isn’t going to matter to her in the slightest degree and only her contentment issues, she can Are living a poor existence along with her but not without her. Reeti also gets psychological.

Reeti suggests whatsoever Kadambari’s intentions are, her funds was required to save daadi.

Precap: In temple, Moksh strikes his head to bell and falls. Reeti holds his hand. He states she is his doll. She states he is mistaken. He states mom advised she is his doll.

Written Update By Sahir


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