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Badi Devrani 15th October 2015 Written Update

Badi Devrani watch online

Reeti asking Prabha who is Kadambari. Prabha says she and Kadambari were friends. Kadambari requested her to get a job for her brother, so she requested Ghanshyam and made Kadambari a salesman in Poddar family business. Brother tried to steal jewelry worth lakhs, Ghanshyam caught him red handed and removed him from job. Brother could not tolerate insult and suicided. Kadambari cold not tolerate it and took oath to take revenge from her. Now she came after many years. Reeti asks why did she come here now. Prabha says she wants to take revenge from her and her family. Reeti asks revenge?? Prabha says Kadambari knows she loves Reeti a lot, so she wants to get Reeti married to her son and take revenge, but she will not let that happen.

Kadambari’s daughter Paridhi speaks to her friend and boasts about her beauty and says even if some ugly girl wears her dresses, she will look beautiful. Kadambari enters and tells she is very obsessed about herself. She asks where is Rohan. Paridhi says he must be in next room punishing his driver for coming late. Rohan is seen Rohan punishing driver with leather ball shot for coming 5 minutes late. Driver says his wife is dead and he was taking care of his ill son. Rohan says he would have let his son died and come on time and fires driver. Driver pleads that he is very poor. Rohan stamps his hands.

Kadambari tells Paridhi that she has a press conference today. Her second daughter Sidhi comes and she asks where was she. Sidhi says she went to buy today. Kadambari asks where is Moksh. Sidhi says in his room. Camera zooms on her Moksh repeatedly.

Kajal tells Reeti that she heard about her father’s business loss. Reeti says what can be done now. Manbhari asks Prabha what did Kadambari say. Prabha says she will not accept Kadambari’s help. Manbhari says if they don’t get shop back, they will be on road. Reeti says even she thought Kadambari wants to help them, but she has bad intentions. Daadi asks where will we stay now. Reeti says she found a room without advance in Uthal nagar. Kajal says poor people and maids stay there. Daadi says it is better to stay there than on road.

Kadambari tells her youngsters that she will not want any slip-up in tonight’s press convention. Rohan says he has arranged almost everything and is familiar with his power and weak spot. Kadambari states she likes his self esteem.

Press convention begins. Kadambari boasts she will make smaller corporations into large empires. Reporter asks if she will alter Poddar’s organization brand name or not. Rohan claims Poddar just isn’t a manufacturer, else would not are already marketed, he will make it An even bigger brand name underneath his corporation. Reporters dilemma Moksh. Moksh begin panicking with camera flash lights. Rohan claims Moksh works driving partitions and is also toughness in their organization, he doesn’t even like flash lights. Moksh throws h2o bottle on reporters.

Precap: Kadambari throws water on Sidhi and suggests if she will not give medication to Moksh promptly, she’ll throw another thing. Reeti tells loved ones that she acquired a fresh position. Daadi faints and falls down.

Written Update By Sahir


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