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Badi Devrani 14th October 2015 Written Update

Poddar family business and house’s auction. Kadambari wins bid for 5 crores. All Poddar ladies start crying, especially Prabha who also fumes as she has a past with Kadambari. Ladies then go home and try to leave with their bags. Kadambari enters and asks Prabha why is she troubling other family members for her ego and asks to accept her offer, she may not give this house but will give back shop. Ladies silently walk with bags behind Prabha. Kadambari says this house’s doors are always open for her.

Reeti tells Prabha she does not know what past she has with Kadambari, but she should think if Dadi and Taiji who cannot tolerate the harshness outside this house. Prabha says she will never accept Kadambari’s favor. Reeti says this house is not just made of brick and mortar, it is made of Vibhor, dadaji, tauji, and everyone’s memories. She should accept Kadambari’s offer and request her to let them stay here. Daadi says Reeti is right. Prabha says her lives is meant for them all. She goes inside house and stands in front of Kadambari. Kadambari asks if she forgot something. Reeti says she told she will help her. Kadambari says she will if Prabha says. Prabha asks why is she favoring her, what price she has to pay for that. Kadambari it is injustice to call price, she will not return this house, but will return back shop and spread happiness. Prabha asks what happiness. Kadambari says she wants Reeti to marry her son and make her bahu. Reeti and Prabha are shocked to hear that. Prabha asks if she is not ashamed to fix price on her bahu. Kadambari says she is not forcing and just gave her an offer, it is up to her to accept it. She just wants to fill colors in Reeti’s life and asks her to go and drink cold water and think if she wants to rule shop or beg on road. Prabha says she knew she was greedy but did not know she is so shameless and cruel. She losts her husband and son just now, what is she up to. Kadambari says she has only 2 options, either to sail through or drown. Prabha says she will not accept her offer. Kadambari asks what did she do when she needed her help, at least she is ready to help her.

Kadambari carries on arguing with Prabha and says she will hotel to convey her family in this article and it is actually approximately her to fill colours in her bahu’s lifetime or force her to beg. Reeti thinks their romance is extremely old. Kadambari states Prabha she ruined her lifetime decades back, so now she’s ruining hers now, she are unable to even consider her from her savior as she ruined his life extremely poorly. Prabha is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Reeti suggests spouse and children she found a area in Uthal nagar with no advance payment. Kajal says it is a slum area wherever maids continue to be.

Written Update By Sahir


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