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Badi Devrani 10th November 2015 Written Update

Badi Devrani watch online

Psychiatrist hypnotizing Moksh and asking why he hates mud so much. Moksh says papa papa. Psychiatrist asks what happened to papa. Moksh repeats mud, papa’s murder. Kadambari enters just then, asks what is happening, and tries to wake up Moksh. Reeti says she cannot stop in between like this. Kadambari says she will not let anyone torture her son like this. Doc says it is therapy room and not torture room. Kadambari asks Reeti how dare she is to disobey her and bring Moksh here, she made a mistake by giving Moksh’s responsibility to her. She pushes Reeti and takes Moksh from there while Moksh pleads that he wants to go back to gudiya. She takes him out of room and frightens him that she will lock him in dark room and beat her.

Reeti apologizes doc for Kadambari’s drama and says someone she came to know about this and came here. She says there is a big connection between Moksh’s dad’s murder and mud, they will have to know about it and tries to leave. Doc asks her to take back Moksh’s medicine. Reeti picks bottle but pills fall down. Doc checks pills and says these pills will increase mental illness instead of decreasing and will increase blood pressure and anxiety, someone wants her husband to be mad forever. Reeti is shocked to hear that.

At home, Rohan scolds Sidhi for disobeying mom and sending Moksh with Reeti. Kadambari will come dragging Moksh. Rohan scolds Moksh. Kadambari asks Sidhi to carry injection and products. Moksh says he isn’t going to need drugs and injection, runs into space and stands Keeping door. Kadambari asks him to open up doorway. Sidhi claims she bought crackers for him. Moksh claims he is not going to open door. Rohan says he appreciates how to manage mad male and kicks door frequently. Moksh falls down and door opens. Rohan and Kadambari retains Moksh to present him injection.

Reeti reaches house and reminisces fuel leak and various incidents and thinks Kadambari need to be driving all this, why she won’t want Moksh to receive will. She also reminisces doc’s terms and Kadambari forcefully providing injections to Moksh whilst he pleads never to inject him.

Reeti prays god to show her a way to protect her husband. Narad muni comes with laxmi mata.

Precap: Reeti tells Kadambari that she can get her out of this house, but she will come back to free a son from her mother’s injustice and torture.

Written Update By H Hasan


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