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Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania 5th September 2016 Written Update

Meera and Abhishek’s siblings celebrate his birthday and give him surprise. Each family member gives gift to Abhishek. Meera signals Yograj to give his gift. Yograj gives engeering college readmission as gift. Aman’s dad asks why are they celebrating hotel manager’s birthday. Daadi asks same. Meera says Abhishek became her good friend and he likes celebrating it with everyone. Abhishek says it is Meera’s hobby to celebrate parties with everyone. She continues Abhishek’s birthday with Pant family. Aman fumes and tries to leave, but his dad stops him and says Meera’s dad may get him central govt job, so he should tolerate all this. Ria tells Aman that Meera wants to go out tomorrow with this. Meera asks when did she say. Ria stops her. Aman says he can do anything for Meera.

Abhishek starts loving Meera more after surprise party. He stands in his balcony and peeps into Meera’s room. Meera comes near window to dry her hair. He looks at her hiding. Meera notices him and he hides again. A romantic song plays in the background..

Yograj tells Daadi that he wants Abhishek married along with completing his engeering degree and Madhu told about her friend’s daughter Radhika. Babli says no..Madhu hears that and says they way Meera celebrated Abhishek’s birthday, Abhishek may marry Meera and leave Pant family like her elder son did. Dadi agrees for Radhika. Madhu says she will call her friend’s daughter here tomorow itself. Babli asks Daadi what is this. Dadi says her words are final.

In the moring, family enjoys breakfast. Abhishek comes ready. Radhika prepares aloo parantha and serves to Abhishek. Abhishek asks what is this. All siblings laugh. Radhika says this is parantha made with lots of ghee and butter. Avni says bhaiya means who is she. She says she is Radhika. Madhu says he is seeing her after a long time. Radhika says yes, he was very small when the met last time and was not grown up at all. Siblings laugh again. Abhishek angrily walk out. Yograj stops him and asks what misbehavior is this. Abhishek says he is not a bhagoda and coward like him and will not leave his mother like he did for 10 years, he will not win his heart by getting engeering college form. He leaves with Yograj stands in a shock.

Precap: Meera chokes during Aman’s party. Abhishek says Meera has peanut allergy and runs lifting her towards hospital.

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