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Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania 2nd September 2016 Written Update

Abhishek standing near door silently looks at Meera working in kitchen and smiles. He turns and sees Yograj standing and silently tries to leave. Yograj says he felt good when he touched his feet Abhishek says he did it as everyone was present and he really did not mean to touch his feet.

Meera continues trying to make kheer. Madhu comes and guides her indirectly with her comments, to use elachi, ground it in mixer, not burn milk, etc. Avni breaks Anita’s lipstick by mistake and Anita starts fighting with her. Meera hears their shouting and runs to stop their fighting. She stops their fighting. Anita says she is burnging in anger. Meera realizes her kheer is burning and runs back to kitchen, sees gas offf and thanks Madhu. Madhu asks her to take her kheer utensil from gas stove, she needs to cook now.

Pant siblings decorate table for Aman’s family dinner. Meera enters and praises them. She invites Yoraj to attend birthday tonight and rushes to her room. Ria asks her to get ready soon as Aman’s family is coming. Aman’s family comes and Sanjay introduce each family member. They take seats. Pant siblings arrange dinner table and drinks and Ramraj asks them to fill only half glass. Balraj says Meera is paying for all this. Ramraj asks to fill 3/4th glass then.

Meera gets ready. Abhishek enters and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. He turns when shee looks at her. She asks him to turn and asks how is she looking. She nods good. She corrects her make up nervously and walks out. Abhishek follows her and holds her hand from behind. Aman sees him holding Meera’s hand, goes and extends his hand towards her. She walks with him. Abhishek gets disheartened. Yograj notices it. Meera touches edlers’s feet and goes to kitchen to bring kheer. Ria says she burnt kheer and should have watched it. Meera gets tensed and goes out to inform Aman’s family. Abhishek requests Madhu to help. Meera is about to inform Aman’s family when Abhsihek brings Kheer. Meera serves kheer to everyone. Aman’s daadi likes it and gives her shagun. Meera gets into kitchen, brings Madhu out and saays she prepared it and is a best cook she knows. Madhu says she just helped her a bit.

Abhishek goes out to check dinner arrangements. Ramraj and his team start their jokergiri. Aman’s family look at them weirdly. Aman’s daadi then accepts Meera for Aman. Meera touches everyone’s feet again.. Abhishek comes back and Mona tells Aman and Meera’s marriage is fixed. He gets disheartened again and comes out. He sees Daadi and other family member out who say Meera called them.

Precap: Meera celebrates Abhishek’s birthday. Aman’s dad asks family why are they celebrating hotel manager’s birthday.

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