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Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania 25th August 2016 Written Update

Yograj meets Babli and says she can punish her. She looks at him emotionally. He gifts her earrings and says when he saw them, he remembered her, so he came. Abhishek fumes in front of daadi that when and her mom needed dad most, he was not here. He is still searching lost 10 years.

Yograj gives gifts to whole family. Balraj says even after 10 years, he did not forget everyne’s preferences. Ramraj enters seriously. Mona shows Rohan’s blue T-shhirt and says hhe will look Ranbeer Kapoor in it. Rohan runs crying he does not need it. Yograj gets sad. Madhu says she will serve food. Yograj pulls center chair. Ramraj says he sits there. Family looks at him. He says Yograj can sit now. Abhishek comes down. Ramraj gives gift. Siblings asks Abhishek to open it. Abhishek opens box nd sees I am an Engineer written coffee mug. Yograj says he specially odered it for him. Abhishek angrily leaves. Family says he did not complete engineering. Yograj gets sad.

Abhishek goes to lawn and sees Meera jumping. He aks what is she doing. She says sir my paper is stuck, if he can help her pick it. He looks at her and she continues her commentary. He tries to pick it, but cannot. He keeps chair and asks Meera to climb and pick it. She picks paper but slips and falls on Abhishek. They both fall on grass and laugh… Meera continues her commentary and Abhishek looks at her smiling. She asks if he knows howmany stars are on sky. He says who counts. She says she does and says somany crore starts on sky. She says what if galaxy is a drawing room and moon a bed.

Abhishek and Meera’s conversation continues. Meera asks if he can teach her current affairs as she is going to meet Aman’s friends tomorrow and Aman wants to discuss about current affairs, she does not even know bollywood actor’s affairs, how will she discuss current affairs. He says he teaches his siblings in a specific way and teaches some tricks. Their teaching continues.

Precap: Abhishek says Meera I love you and hugs her.

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