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Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania 18th August 2016 Written Update

Abhishek goes to Meera’s room with herbal tea and offers her some and says he knows she must have taken tablets, but she was drenched for such a long time and did not change at all. She tastes it and makes weird faces, taste is not good. Aman enters and asks how can she do this, she went out without informing him or anyone, she is careless. Abhishek says Meera is drenched and should change dress first. Aman asks why is manager giving advice. Abhishek says he is telling as a human and asks if he wants Meera to fall ill. Sanjay says Abhishek is telling right, Meera should change. Aman starts again. Abhishek says it is his mistake and not Meera’s mistake and goes out. Ria says she told Sanjay she told him not to book room in this hotel, he did not listen, they will go from here right now. Sanjay says it is raining and they will not get room anywhere. She agrees to stay at Pant house.

Abhishek comes to his balcony to pick clothes. Meera also comes out and signals torch on him. He smiles. She puts torch on his face. Abhishek signals her bye and goes to his bed reminiscing her face and the recent events.

In the morning, Abhishek’s siblings fix chair in garden under canopy and taunt Abhishek that they will arrange Abhishek and Meera’s seats together, they are in love. Abhishek says they should not talk like this as they are children. Mona says he is not though. Kapil taunts they both met like hero and heroine in jungle and sang songs….Abhishek feels shy.

Ria taunts Meera how to apologize Aman. Meera says she cannot. Abhishek comes and says Meera he has arranged for special breakfast for her family in canopy. Ria says she cannot come as she is waiting for Sanay. Abhishek says Sanjay and Aman are on the way. Aman and Sanjay are seeing traveling and discussing something. Meera tells Abhishek that her leg is fine now. He asks how does she know that he would ask how is her leg. She says she guessed. He smiles. Their conversation continues.

Precap: Police arrests Ramraj for trying to bribe govt officer and evading 3 years’ 5 lakhs property tax. Abhishek asks who complained.

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