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Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania 12th August 2016 Written Update

Rohan run around and Abhishek runs behind him. Kapil sees Rohan and Abhishek and hides thinking Abhishek will see his mobile and will know that he stole money. Daadi gets choc for Babli and apologizes for scolding her. Babli says no need. Daadi asks if she would have been angry if she was her mom. Babli smiles and says her acting is better than TV serial bahu. Daadi smiles. Babli says Meera is a good girl. Daadi says she is a rich girl and all rich girls are same. Babli asks one more choc daadi says no.

Meera travels in sharing auto. A man tries to touch her. She acts as speaking over phone to her sister and says her disease is contagious, so what if it is spread to others. Man silently moves aside. She shares choc with a girl and moves towards man. Man gets afraid.

Rohan sees Kapil in washroon and runs picking his phone, shouting Kapil bhaiya’s new mobile. Kapil comes out of washroom and runs behind him. Rohan clashes with Abhishek and phone falls down. Abhishek picks phone and Rohan says Kapil’s new phone. Kapil says it is his friend’s phone who gave him to check for 1 day. Abhishek calls Rohan’s number and it rings. Abhishek asks why is his sim in his firend’s phone and asks from where did he steal money. Kapil agrees that he stole money from Ramraj’s cupboard which Meera gave him to build wall. Ramraj shouts and hits him with slipper, shouting he is lying. Kapil says he is not lying. Madhu tries to rescue Kapil. Kapil say when elders don’t hesitate to lie, why should he. Daadi says Meera is right and she is ashamed of her family. Family drama continues and Kapil says he is not great like Abhishek to waste his life. Abhishek is shocked and starts shedding tears. He walks to his room.

Meera gets down in jungle and runs behind butterflies. She gets lost in jungle. Abhishek walks to his room reminiscing Meera’s words, her encouragement, jovial behavior, etc. Meera thinks she should call Aman for help, then thinks Aman will inform family, so she should not. She reminisces Rohan’s poem and calls number. Abhishek picks call. She cuts repeatedly. Abhishek gets angry and asks who is calling repeatedly when he/she does not want to speak. Meera says he should understand she does not want to speak to him. He calls sona. Meera says she got lost in jungle and tells she is somewhere near water spring. She slips and shouts. Abhishek says he knows where this place must be.

Precap: Abhishek searches Meera in jungle. His siblings hope he finds Meera soon.

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