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Baazigar 5th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jhanvi slapping Pinky. Tej and Shakti decide to live separately. Pinky says Oberoi’s mansion will get divided. Dadi and Shivaye look on. Some time before, Shivaye asks Sahil do you have a problem, are you handicapped. Anika throws water on him. Shivaye gets angry seeing her again. He recalls the past meets. She also recalls how he insulted her. Shivaye asks Anika to apologize. She refuses and asks him to leave from her house. He says house, our servant room’s is bigger than this. She says you are poorer than me by your heart, its better you leave. He says apologize and I will leave. Dadi waits for him in the car.

Pinky shows the dress to Tia and says improper English. She says you will look beautiful. Jhanvi comes there. Pinky taunts her. Jhanvi says Pinky you have learnt half English. Tej enters home with Shwetlana. Pinky smiles. Tej asks Shwetlana to check security arrangements well. Shwetlana asks him not to worry. Pinky taunts Jhanvi and says I know half English but I m complete housewife, see my another Jethani has come. Jhanvi asks her to shut up.

Shivaye says I said, say sorry. Anika refuses. She asks him not to force her to shout, and leave. He says shouting is low class behavior. She says yes, and calling a kid handicapped is upper class behavior right, are you leaving or not. He throws the juice glasses. Bua gets conscious and asks what broke. She sees Shivaye and says you started calling guys at home. She scolds Shivaye for breaking glasses worth 1000rs. Shivaye throws money there. Bua picks the notes. Shivaye tells Anika that he will not forget this and will not let her forget, you will apologize. He leaves.

Jhanvi talks to Shwetlana and argues. Om comes there. He asks Shwetlana what is she doing here, she is not welcome here, please leave. Shwetlana says I m going, but I will come back and then I will be part of this house, let’s see who makes whom leave. She leaves. Jhanvi cries. Om asks her to relax. Jhanvi thanks him.

Dadi asks Shivaye not to get angry, it burns the heart. He hits the vegetable stall unknowingly and the man cries saying all his vegetables got ruined. Shivaye pays him. His car does not start. Dadi asks him to call another car. Shivaye says no, I can’t stay here for a moment, I will call a cab, come Dadi.

Jhanvi asks Pinky to better learn to speak and remember she is becoming saas now. Pinky says that’s why you and Tej can’t see this, I heard Tej telling Om that your sons will be left behind as Shivaye is going ahead and marrying. Jhanvi says staying with you is getting impossible.

Sahil and Anika have a talk. He asks for his gift. She says I made special gift for you. She thinks where did her keys go. Dadi asks Shivaye to come and sit in auto, if he has to leave from here. Shivaye asks auto? Dadi takes him.

Pinky asks Tia not to worry. Tia says I m waiting for Shivaye. Pinky says he always gets late. Tia’s mum comes and Pinky welcomes her. Tia’s mum says I just came to pick up Tia. Pinky shows attitude on seeing Jhanvi. Jhanvi drinks. Pinky gets angry.

A lady sees news of Shivaye getting engaged. She goes to meet someone in jail and says they did not tell us about Shivaye’s engagement, they did not invite us for maha aarti, we did not go and sent our man, he got working lighter so that Oberois lose name, but it was no use, now I will go myself, what gift shall I take, it should be memorable, Oberoi family did a lot for us, its our duty too.

Pinky asks Jhanvi to have shame and not drink infront of Tia’s mum. Jhanvi asks whats the big deal. Pinky says its my big deal, my son is getting 1500 crores, you are jealous of him. Jhanvi says he is like a son for me, your thinking is cheap, I m not interested in your bahu. Pinky argues and says your fate has no bahu, look at Omkara, Om and his wife will manage each other’s hair, his wife will fix rose in his hair, and look at Rudra. Om hears their arguments while making a statue. Pinky calls Jhanvi an alcoholic. Shakti asks Pinky to shut up. Pinky says I will see who will shut my mouth. Shakti asks Jhanvi to keep quiet atleast. Jhanvi asks him to make Pinky quiet. Tej comes and taunts Shakti as no one listens to me. Pinky asks him to manage his sons, and insults Jhanvi and her son Omkara who was also wine addict before, its good Shivaye changed him. Jhanvi slaps Pinky. Pinky fumes. Om gets angry recalls Pinky’s words and breaks the statue. He sits crying.

Tia and her mum leave. Pinky scolds Jhanvi. Shakti says Jhanvi took the fight far, its tough to stay with you all here in this house. Tej says staying with you was always tough for me, we should get separated. Pinky says yes, Oberoi mansion will get divided. They all see Dadi and Shivaye. Om comes there too.

Anika goes to Oberoi mansion at night and collides with Shivaye. She falls down. Shivaye and Anika see each other.

Written Update by Amena

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