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Baazigar 28th June 2016 Written Update

They rush Aru to hospital. Aru thinks of Aarav’s love.

Ashwin, Aru’s mum and Bua Dadi go to Aarav’s house and shout for Kailashnath to come out. Padma comes there. He asks for Kailash. Padma insults him and asks him to take appointment to meet Kailash. She calls them beggars. Ashwin says you got proposal to our house, you asked for Aru’s hand. Aru’s mum asks what happened that Aarav did this.

Padma says Aarav’s mood changed, he can’t play with same toy for long, we got ready for marriage function as Aarav wanted, he lost interest in Aru now, stop dreaming and get lost. Ashwin says money can get person up, but person can’t get money up, just his deeds go with him. Padma humiliates them and asks them to just leave. She asks them to hear the insult as they are standing at her house entrance. She asks guard to get the dog. The dog barks. Padma asks them to meet dog, just this house’s dog will talk to you. He asks guard to leave the dog, Ashwin Bharadwaj wants to meets his Samdhi. Ashwin and others get worried. Padma laughs and asks them to run. They all leave.

Aru thinks of Aarav and a past moment, FB shows Aru and Aarav are at some temple. Aru tells him that her slipper is missing. He laughs and says it got stolen. She says no, maybe someone needs me more, I can buy new or go by walk. He stops her and asks her not to keep feet on ground, her feet will get dirty. She says great dialogue, I can’t fly. He says idea is not bad and lifts her in arms. She asks what are you doing. He says you gave me this idea. She says everyone is seeing. He says let them see. They smile. Naina milgaye piya se……………plays…………. Aarav tells the lady that he got his love and want going to get slipper. The lady asks him to think, once he gets married, he will get just slippers. He asks really and laughs. Aru looks at him and smiles. He takes her all the way to the footwear shop. He gets a slipper for her. FB ends. Aru cries seeing her bleeding injured foot.

Aarav goes to party with his friends. His friends asks where is Aarav. Aarav comes saying shayari, and says everything is fair in love, but this love is unfair. He asks for music. He greets everyone and says I m feeling healthy, Aarav is back now. The man says that’s why I was thinking how did you go to have daal, when you like pasta. Aarav likes a modern girl. His friend says she is someone’s GF. Aarav stares at her.

Padma tries to call Aarav. Aarav’s Dadi comes there and asks Padma what is she planning now. Padma says your grandson Aarav is planning, he has fooled all of you, he has run away. Dadi says I will see him. Padma says now he won’t come in your hands, why did Aarav break marriage with Aru, he taught you all a good lesson. Dadi says I will also teach lesson to him and you, your heart is like bitter gourd. She scolds Padma and goes. Padma says I will find out why Aarav broke this marriage.

Padma calls Aarav and asks where are you, what are you doing, I can hear noise, is it party going on there, are you celebrating, Kailash is finding you, if he gets you, then…. I was trying to call you to inform this. He says I know you since childhood, you don’t ask anything without reason, tell me what is it. She asks him about breaking marriage with Aru, you made temple for her and loves her a lot, tell me fast. He laughs and says you are old player of this game, I don’t believe in love, tiger always remains a tiger, I spoke to you with love for few days, you thought I became spider, and about Aru, I never loved her. Padma gets shocked. He says I did all this to teach her a lesson, I took revenge from her. She smiles.

Aarav asks the girl what can she do for his kiss. She says anything. He pushes her in swimming pool. Kailash tells Aru that just she will become his bahu.

Written Update by Amena

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