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Baazigar 24th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aru’s mum asking Aru to open her eyes. Padma calls her goon and asks did Aru drink the water, in code words. He says I have seen her, she has drunk the water. Padma laughs. Aru wakes up and says I m fine, I got dizzy. Aru’s Dadi Renuka says sometimes this happens. Tanvi and Nikki see Aru fine. Nikki says mum you say just you will do this and that, what did you do. Tanvi says I m your mum, this is beginning of Aru’s destruction, Manjunath went to Shiva temple and got pure water to cure Aru’s Grah dosh, so I have exchanged the water. FB shows Tanvi changed the water. Nikki laughs.

Aru and her family prays. Ashwin says we should go out, come. Aru gets emotional seeing her family. Tanvi says now Aru’s destruction will begin. Padma beats the goon and asks how did Aru get saved. He says I don’t know. Padma gets that goon killed by her other goons. A boy says baraat has come. Aru’s family goes out to see the baraat. Aarav comes dancing.

Aru’s mum says I don’t find this right. The media says its strange to see the groom dancing and bringing his baraat, and there is no family member and relatives in the baraat. Aarav dances Naagin dance. Tanvi and Nikki smile, and say that its because of our curses. Aarav weirdly greets Aru’s parents and behaves odd that leaves them puzzled. He asks where is Arundhati, my love. He shouts. Ashwin asks Aarav whats this, where is Kailashnath and others. Aarav says its my marriage, this baraat is mine, it should be different, whats life without a real surprise. He runs to see Aru, and shouts. Ashwin says we won’t know what you are doing, this joke is too much now. Aru comes there. Aarav says your daughter is here. Aru asks where is his parents. Aarav says you have to marry me or my parents, you look very beautiful in wedding wear. She asks what is he saying. He says everything should be clear infront of life partner, I will clear it.

He burns the havan kund. Pandit says its big abshagun. Manjunath asks whats this madness. Aarav says this is Aarav’s marriage, it should be different, you all would have not seen such marriage. He whistles and his driver gets a water pot. Aarav gets a stone and breaks the pot. Pandit says stop Aarav, he is doing a disaster, this is ritual of funeral. Ashwin asks what is he doing. Aarav says the scene will start now, and asks pandit to chant mantras, did you forget it, I knew I can’t trust you, and plays mantras recording. He plays the final rites mantras and takes round, as if around the funeral. Nikki and Tanvi are overjoyed seeing this. Tanvi says I can’t believe this and smiles. Ashwin asks Aarav what is he doing.

Aarav drops the pot in the havan kund and blows off the kund fire. Aru and her family get shocked. Aarav says this is the cremation of the marriage. Aru gets shocked. Ashwin says I don’t understand why are you doing this, what do you want. Aarav asks Mr. Bharadwaj, can’t you see, why do you want me to say, I m breaking marriage with your daughter. Tanvi and Nikki smile. Aarav asks now is it clear?

Aarav says its over. Aru and her family cry. Aru asks Aarav what happened to him, what do you mean its over, without any reason, you always said I m your heartbeat, I love you a lot, I wake up in morning by your name. Aarav acts to cry and says you made me cry, is your sad story over? He takes her ring back and says this diamond looks good on a Taj, not you, and wears the diamond ring. He removes his ring and says keep your irritating ring, good night, take care. He goes. Aru asks Ashwin to stop Aarav and runs after him. She stops him and says you can’t go leaving me. Aarav asks when did I catch you, that I will leave you. Media covers this. Aru says marriage is just formality, we both are united, you also love me. He asks what?

He starts laughing and says you think I loved you, it was not love, it was a deal, to win your emotions and trust, but now its all over. Aru says I m your wife. He asks everyone did they wear what she said, wife, we are not married, how did she become my wife. She asks why is he doing this. He asks why are you so emotional, I will break your bangles. He breaks her bangles. They all get shocked. Ashwin asks Aarav what are you doing. Aarav says relax, I know you all are getting angry, you know who is responsible for all this, its you Aru. He sits in his car. She asks him not to leave her. She cries and begs to him. Aarav drives away and smiles. Aru runs after him and cries. Ashwin asks Aru not to run like this. Aru shatters and sits crying. Aru’s parents hold her and cry.

Aarav misbehaves with his dad Kailashnath, and shocks everyone with his bride.

Written Update by Amena

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