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Baazigar 14th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sanjeevani and Ashwin arguing. Sanjeevani says we liked Aarav too. He says we have let Aru meet Aarav so that she knows him well, not to do this. She says Aru loved Aarav. He says this is not love and asks Aru to leave from their house. He asks her to go to hell and throws her bags. He says she was my pride, but she has slapped me doing this, she is an orphan from today, get lost. He pushes Aru out and asks her not to come back. Aru cries. Sanjeevani says you should not make Aru leave. Ashwin asks her to choose between husband or daughter, if you support Aru, our relation will end. Aru cries and leaves.

Ashwin recalls Tanvi’s words and is sad. Even Manjunath is sorrowful. Aarav sits outside house and recalls Ashwin’s words. She recalls Aarav and their love. She calls Aarav. Aarav is busy in his hotel presentation and disconnects her call.

Aru gets inside the conference hall. He asks what are you doing. She says I need to talk. He asks her to get lost. She says I won’t go. He asks her to say infront of everyone. She asks are you sure, think. He signs the staff to go. They all leave. He asks Aru to say, do you want to get sindoor again. She says yes. He says are you mad, what I did was revenge, you go to some psychiatrist. She says I have come to say truth, I m pregnant. He gets shocked and asks what. She says you believe this or not, but this baby has linked me to you again. She gets dizzy and faints, falling on him. He lifts her and takes her to his car. He drives and recalls the night they got intimate. They reach hospital.

He lifts Aru and tells nurse that its emergency. They rush Aru to the ward. Doctor checks Aru. Doctor tells Aarav that she is giving some medicines, it happens often in pregnancy, its just weakness. Aarav holds Aru’s hand and caresses her. He says doctor, we have come here to abort the baby. Aru is unconscious. Aarav says we have to abort the child today, tell me procedure, I will complete formalities. Aru gets conscious and hears Aarav talking to doctor. She gets shocked hearing about abortion and asks what, abortion? Aarav says don’t worry, this baby is reason of tension, we both don’t want this unwanted tension right?

She asks how dare you, how can you kill your own baby, you should have shame, you can be stone hearted, but I m not, I won’t let anything happen to this baby, I won’t do this abortion. He asks are you mad. She says ruining life and killing a life have a difference, you took revenge with me, how can you think to kill our baby, its sin. He says the baby did not come in the world, that’s why I m asking you to abort this baby, I don’t want this baby and you. Aru leaves. He asks Aru to listen to him and stops her. Sarita looks at them. Aru says leave me Aarav. Sarita calls Sanjeevani and says I have seen Aru with Aarav in hospital, Aru looked worried, Aarav dragged her, is everything fine. Sanjeevanu says yes, thanks.

Sanjeevani tells Ashwin that Aru and Aarav are in hospital. Aarav takes Aru out and says don’t try to trap me, stop this bad game. She says this is not a game for me, I have a life inside me, how can you say to kill your baby. He says if you are educated, you should know baby won’t get heartbeat before 5 weeks, you think I will marry you, my two GFs got pregnant, but they were smart and did abortion. She says every moment spent with you is more than my life, you maybe with many girls, but we had pure relation, I m your wife. He says what nonsense, I just filled sindoor in temple, this baby will defame you, nothing will happen to me, I m a guy, you think of your family, people will humiliate you to get pregnant before marriage, just abort this baby.

She says people will taunt me, why are you afraid and worried, do you think my baby will be courageous like me, no need to care for me, I will manage, and about my family, I know what I have to do. She leaves. Sanjeevani meets Aru and hugs her. She says Sarita called and told me you are with Aarav, is everything fine. Aru says yes. Ashwin comes there too. Aru cries. Ashwin says I know what I went through in last few hours, I was worried for you, I have died thousand times, I told a lot in anger, it does not mean I can separate myself from you, parents and children’s relation never ends. They cry. Aru cries and recalls his words. He asks her to come home. She says I took a decision.

Aarav is on the way and thinks of Aru’s words. He drinks and wine ends. He sees a dhaba on the way. Ashwin says we can manage the matter Aru. Tanvi says Aru wants to give birth to Aarav’s baby. Manjunath asks whats the need, Aarav is bad, its sin sign, abort this baby. Aru refuses to abort the baby. Tanvi says if you have to give birth to this baby, leave this house. Aru cries.

Kailash tells everyone that Aru is pregnant. They are shocked. Ashwin says I m with Aru in her decision, but Manjunath disagrees.

Written Update by Amena

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