Adhuri Kahani Hamari
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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 8th December 2015 Written Update

The episode starts Manu stopping Madhav from eating kheer. Badi rani asks what did she do. Manu says kheer has snake poison and she herself saw snake with kheer smear on its body. Choti rani gets tensed and starts alleging that she is dreaming to become queen and rule this palace. Badi amma says Manu she should not have come here. Manu says she had to come to save Madhav’s life. Choti rani continues allegations. Manu drinks kheer and falls down unconscious. Yuvraj checks her pulse and says Manu is dead.

Maya icchadhari nagin goes out of palace and changes herself into human form and thinks Yuvraj must be dead by now and once they get out nagmani to save yuvraj, she will snatch it from them.

Badi amma pleads Badi rani to save Manu. Badi rani stands silently. Choti rani starts shouts that her that Manu fulfilled servant’s responsibiliy and did nothing more than that. She continues her tongue lashing. Madhav asks how can Manav be saved. Badi amma says only nagmani can save Manu. Choti rani yells that nagmani is not to save servants. Badi rani says nagmani is for only royal family and she cannot take it out for anyone else.

Maya comes back and is shocked to see Manu dead instead of Yuvraj and thinks how to get mani now. Madhav asks badi rani if he is dead, then she will get out mani to save him. Badi rani stands silently again. Madhav drinks kheer and says now she has to take out mani to save him as she cannot see him dead and he cannot see manu dead. Maya gets happy that mani will be at last out.

Precap: Badi rani orders panditji to bring out mani. Choti rani stops him and says tells badi rani she lost her son and now will lose husband if she gets out mani.

Written Update By H Hasan


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