Adhuri Kahani Hamari
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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 4th December 2015 Written Update

Adhuri Kahani Hamari

Choti rani telling her servants that she will mix poison in yuvraj’s kheer and asks them to get a snake. Maya hears their conversation, goes back to tantrik and says her trip to rajmahal went in vain. She heard choti rani discussing about poisoning yuvraj and ordering servants to get snake. She will be part of choti rani’s plan and will kill Yuvraj indirectly.

Choti rani’s servant search for a snake in jungle. Maya goes in snake’s form and thinks she wants them to catch . They see her and catch her into a bag. They drop her in store room and walk out. She comes out of bag and changes back to her original form.

Manu gets ready to go out. Devsena comes and asks where is she going. She says to temple. Devsena says along with aunty, she is her sister and friend also and knows what she is going through.

Badi rani wakes up early in the morning to arrange for kal sarp pooja for yuvraj. Choti rani says she will prepare special kheer for yuvraj today and smirks.

Choti rani’s servant goes to retail store home to have snake but isn’t going to locate it. She operates and informs choti rani that snake is missing. Choti rani panics and aks to look snake soon.

Badi rani concerns awaken yuvraj. Yuvraj sleeps on her lap and asks why early morning occurs so early, when He’ll develop into raja, He’ll purchase people to slumber until afternoon. She suggests he has to stand up for kal sarp pooja. He will get up and though strolling in direction of washroom ways on snake. Rani sees snake and stops him and shouts.. Choti rani and servants arrive and try to kill snake, but Yuvraj stops them and suggests it did not bite him even after he stepped on it, so he will never let them get rid of it. Servant catches it in bag. Yuvraj asks to go away it in jungle. Badi rani suggests he can’t go everywhere prior to pooja. He suggests nothing is very important to him than Manu and he will satisfy her initially before pooja.

Manu walks in jungle reminiscing her childhood days and frienship with yuvraj. Yuvraj also reminisces identical. Hamari adhuri kahani…track..performs in the background.

Precap: Manu stops yuvraj from eating kheer and says it has poison in it. Choti rani yells at her that she is lying. Manu eats kheer and falls unconscious.

Written Update By H Hasan


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