Adhuri Kahani Hamari

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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts Radhika coming out of Krish’s house reminiscing his fake love for her, paying her money, kicking her out of house, etc.. Tulsi comes there and Radhika asks how did she come here.

Krish and Preeti come down. Om says Radhika told him about their extramarital affair. Krish asks how can he allege them on Radhika’s lies and starts his drama. Om asks how can they stoop such low. Preeti hugs Krish and asks Om if Radhika told that she hugged and touched Krish like this and says they are lovers and Om should stay away from them. Om picks gun and shouts they both insulted devar and bhabhi’s relationship. He shoots Preeti in the middle of forehead.

Radhika tells Tulsi that this world is not fair for them and her husband disowned her. Tulsi says she saw everything. Radhika asks how can she when she was not there. Tusi says she was in her other form and turns into snake. Radhika gets afraid and runs. Tulsi follows her. Radhika slips and falls. Tusli changes back to human and says she is icchadhari nagin’s rajkumari and has taken oath to protect her. She is the one who dropped chandalier on Krish and gripped her to unite them. She was happy that she got her life partner, but seeing the incidents she is worried for her. Radhika pleads to leave her alone as she does not have anyone now. Tulsi says Preeti is a dayan/witch.

Preeti gets back to life and her bullet wound heals in seconds and her hair elongates and snatches gun from Om’s hand. Om asks who is she. She shouts she is dayan.

Precap: Fake Krish asks Preeti dayan what should he do to real Krish. Preeti says after puran maasi once their work is done, they will kill Krish and leave from there. Radhika tells she will save her family from dayan.

Written Update By H Hasan


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