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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 25th April 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Krish’s mother telling Radhika that a human and icchadhari nagin cannot stay together under same roof, she would better die before seeing this. She goes and takes Devi maa’s trishul and threatens Radhika that if she does not get out of Krish’s life, she will kill herself and tries to sta herself with trishul. Radhika stops her and snatches trishul and says she will go out of Krish’s life, but their hearts will not separate. She asks her to promise that she will not let tears in Krish’s eyes and let him sad. Mom nods yes.

Pakhandi baba prays shivji. At hospital, doc continues Krish’s surgery and asks nurse to get some more blood. Nurse walks outand gets blood. Preeti dayan asks how is Krish. Nurse says he is not responding to treatment. Om says they should inform mom.

Mom tells Radhika she should keep her promise and get out of Krish’s life. Purushaarth calls er and asks to come to hospital soon. Radhika asks if she can see Krish last time. Mom says she will not let even her shadow on Krish and shouts to get out.

Pakhandi baba says his puppets that nagin will have to get out nagmani to save Krish. Radhika holds Krish’s photo and prays god to protect Krish. Puirusharth consoles mom that Krish will be fine. Radhika tries to rescue lamp from blowing off and prays god to protect him. Om also tells that Krish is not responding to treatmet. Radhika comes and Preeti asks why did she come here. Radhika insists to let her meet Krish last time. Mom says never . Pursharth says when they both love ach other, so why others are troubling her.

Precap: Pakandi baba kidnaps Radhika.

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