Adhuri Kahani Hamari
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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 20th November 2015 Written Update

Manu reaches home and asks Devsena where is badi amma. Devsena says she has gone to haveli to meet badi rani and asks where did Yuvraj take her. Manu says to restricted jungle. Devsena gets tensed.

Badi rani stops Yuvraj and says he did a big mistake by taking Manu forcefully with him and says Manu has to become devrakshika. Yuvraj says Manu is his childhood friend and she is not yet devrakshika. Badi rani says he should not go out of house now hearing about badi maa punishing Manu and locks him in room. Yuvraj shouts to let him go.

Choti rani tells badi rani that badi amma insulted her and asks why is she respecting servant so much. Badi rani says badi amma’s family is caretaker of garuda temple and sacrificed a lot to protect royal family and royal family is burdened by their favor, so she should not dare to disrespect badi amhisroom ma and family.

Badi amma tells Manu that she should not forget the promises she made to her and should remeber that she is going to become devrakshika. She throws burning coal on floor and orders Manu to walk on it and repeat her promises. Manu walks on burning coal with great difficulty.

Yuvraj escapes from haveli and reaches Manu’s house. He gets angry seeing Manu walking on coal and asks badi amma to open door. Badi maa does ignores him. Yuvraj throws kerosene on door and burns it. He then kicks door, enters house, gets Manu out of burning coal and warns Badi amma dare not to punish Man again. He says he will take Manu from here. Manu says she will not come with him, else she will lose badi amma. He says she has to come. She says it is family issue and he cannot enter. He says he is Yuvraj and they all have to listen to him. He says tomorrow is his birthday and Manu has to meet her. Manu says she will not. He says if she does not, he will burn world.

Precap: Badi amma tells Badi Rani that Manu will not meet yuvraj again. Manu meets Yuvraj in his room and tells she will not meet him again. He says if she will not, then he will burn whole world.

Written Update By H Hasan


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