Adhuri Kahani Hamari
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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 19th November 2015 Written Update

Adhuri Kahani Hamari

Yuvraj Madhav taking Manu to jungle. He treis to cross restricted border. Manu stops him and says he cannot cross border. He says he will. She asks who will go with her. He says Manasvini and sends all guards. Manu walks with him.

Servant informs badi rani that yuvraj went into restricted area. Badi rani orders him to bring back yuvraj soon. Choti rani asks what is there in jungle. Pandit ji says yuvraj’s life is in danger by a snake.

Yuvraj happily shouts in restricted jungle. Manu tells Yuvraj he came into restricted area now and should go back. He says not so soon.

Badi amma tells Devsena that yuvraj and Manu are coming nearer to one another as well rapid. Devsena says they are childhood pals and he or she is worried unnecessarily.

Manu and yuvraj examine their 1st Conference every time they have been 3-12 months-old and events thereafter. He lifts her and he or she shouts to leave her. His leg traps inside a hole. She aids him. Icchadhari nagin is viewed viewing them from tree.
Devsena asks badi amma why she would like to make Manu as devrakshika, she has presently sacrficed her lifestyle and does want Manu to go in the discomfort she’s dealing with. Badi amma asks her never to repeat these phrases and claims Manu must grow to be devrakshika. She’ll go to palace and complain badi rani against yuvraj.

Badi amma reaches palace and when passing sees princess using tobacco. Princess thinks she will complain against her. Badi amma claims choti rani that she came to meet badi rani. Princess arrogantlhy calls her budiya and insults her that no-one really should pay attention to her. Choti rani also insults her. Badi rani enters and scolds choti rani. She tells badi amma that there needs to be some critical rationale, else she would not are available in day time right here. Badi amma suggests Yuvraj forcefully took Manasvini and manasvini has to become devrakshika in three years. She’s going to punish manasvini and badi rani need to Handle yuvraj. Yuvraj hears her dialogue hiding.

Precap: Badi amma orders Manu to walk on burning coal as punishment and she does with great pain. Yuvraj sees that from glass and burns door angrily.

Written Update By H Hasan


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