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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 19th May 2016 Written Update

Shivin saves Gauri goons and asks her to get into his car. Gauri says she will not sit in stranger’s car. Goons come running towards them. Shivin asks her to come in or get killed by goons. She gets in and he speeds car. Goons follow them. He applies brakes and she falls on him and thinks he is purposefully applying brakes. Their nok jhok continues. Shivin takes car into his house and she asks where he brought her. He says railway station. She asks whose bungalow is this. He says when guards saluted him, then obviously it is his house. He asks her to come in. She says what wll his parents say. He says he is staying alone. She gets afraid that he is a casanova and tries to walk back. He says if she had to go back to goons, why did she let him save her. She walks behind him thinking he must be Italian mafia.

Party starts at Raichand house. Mr. Raichand with his second wife greets guests and tells one of them that he knows to take care of their guest’s needs. Guest says she and Mrs. Raichand need to talk to him after party. He says okay.

Gauri enters Shivin’s home and shivin from back asks if this is Italian mafia’s house. She says it is rich spoilt brat’s house. He says she knows about his family, but not him.

A lady enters Raichand house as maid. Head butler after a bit jokergiri takes her to Shivin’smother’s room asking her to shut her mouth and not get sad when madam scolds. Lady thinks madam must be old and it is obvious in this age to get jittery. Shivin’s mom asks if she is afraid she should not and warns her to keep her mouth should if she sees any secret in this house. She asks to peep out and check what is a curly hair man is wearing and if he is meeting reporters. She peeps out and says Mr. Raichand is wearing black suit. Mom says he likes black a lot and selects black sari. Maid asks if she will wear black sandals for party. Mom cries and says she cannot go out and is room bound.

Mom reminisces Shivin scolding her for giving Ahan’s mother’s letter to media. Mom says with thhis letter, his papa got huge profit. Shivin says he had only one friend and she broke their friendship. She says sometimes one has to forget difference between right and wrong. He says there is always a barrier between right and wrong and walks out of house.

Precap: Gauri says Shivin that she has to go and search her brother. He says wherever she has to go, he will accompany her. She say when he can betray his friend, why can’t he betray her.

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