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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 17th May 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivin repeatedly telling Ahan that he did not betray him. Ahan aks how can he give wrong info about his mom to media. Shivin reminisces giving Ahan’s mother’s letter to his mom and rushing to stop her. He thinks how can mom give that letter to media. Ahan tries to punch Shivin, but Gauri shouts to stop. Ahan stops and repeats that Shivin is his life’s biggest mistake and says they will be rivals forever. He then leaves on his bike. Gauri thinks if friendship does not have any value.

After a week, Gauri’s mom gets Akshay’s call to send him money. She says she is sending money via Gauri and also besan laddoos. She think if pawn broker will give 15 lakhs for a few jewelry. Mom says pawn broker is a goodman. They both meet pawn broker who checks property papers and says he can give 15 lakhs. Gauri praises him that he looks like amrish puri, but is kind hearted. Broker asks mom to sign some documents. Gauri asks to read them once. Mom says she trusts broker and thinks Gauri does not know she is mortgaging house to arrange 15 lakhs for Akshay’s business.

Gauri gets ready for Goa in the morning and consoles mom that once Akshy’s business runs, all their bad luck will vanish. She then gets into bus and prays ganesh’s minature idol to help Akshay’s business. She gets down from bus and calls her brother who does not pick call. She thinks he must be busy working, so she will go directly to his address. She shows address to many people, but nobody knows address. She thinks if people to Goa only for vacation or stay here. She continues searching address. Shivin is seen passing by. They both cross without noticing each other. They both feel each other’s presence after a distance and turn, but due to public Shivin turns back and walks.. Gauri calls him but stops thinking she does not know him well, thinks she has to reach her brother’s place soon.

Gauri sees a speeding car rushing towards old woman, saves woman, and throws stone on car shouting at driver if she is mad. An arrogant, spoilt girl comes out of car and shouts at Gauri how dare she is to throw stone on her car. Gauri says she would have killed old lady. Arrogant girl she should know her limits before talking to Ria Kapoor, gives money to woman and asks her to share some with Gauri so that she can wear proper clothes before speaking to her. She then leaves in her car.

Gauri asks old lady if she is fine. Old lady yells if she had not stopped her, she would have grabbed 2-3 lakhs from girl. Gauri asks what if she would have hurt herself. Lady says her hair did not grey just like that and sasys she will help her find address but she should act as her daughter if she finds costly car.

Shivin reminisces his mom’s betrayal and Ahan breaking their friendship and thinks how can mom do this to him.

Precap: Gauri goes to Akshay’s place where don meets her and says Akshay is a drug addict and borrowed huge amount from him.

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