Adhuri Kahani Hamari

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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Anamika trying to attack Manu and becoming stone idol. Manu turns and is shocked to see her as idol. Madhav and Devsena reach there. Manu says bua/aunt sacrificed her life saving her.

They all 3 take Anamika’s idol to rajmahal. Madhav says bua sacrificed her life while saving Manu. Manu says bua sensed problem on her and sacrificed herself. Maya is shocked to see Anamika’s idol and starts crying vigorously. Choti rani thinks why is she crying for Anamika when she is not related to her.

Maya strangulates Manu’s neck and shouts what did she do with bua. Madhav frees Manu and asks Maya to be in her senses. Maya shouts devrakshika killed bua with her black magic. Bade raja asks what is she saying. Maya says devrakshika came here for nagmani and is using black magic on everyone. She killed bua first and now her target is Madhav. Madhav shouts she is wrong.

Badi amma prays garud dev’s idol. Lamps blow off and she gets tensed. Servant informs her that rajvansh called her to rajmahal. She goes to rajmahal and sees Maya alleging Manu and says she cannot allege Manu like this. Maya says she has proof, brings ash pot and says Manu is using this black magic ash on rajvansh, her next target is Yuvraj. Manu shouts she is innocent.

Maya asks then why did she marry Madhav. Badi amma says devrakshika will never do any sin. Maya keeps Madhav’s hand on Manu’s head and asks to tell if he married Manu or not. Manu shouts yes they married.

Precap: Bade raja orders soldiers to arrest Devrakshika for her sin. Madhav tries to protect her, but they hold him and take Manu from rajmahal.

Written Update By H Hasan


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